Yalda Samadi


Yalda Samadi, born 22 December 1990 in Tehran, is an Iranian pianist. She has graduated from the University of Applied Science & Technology in Tehran with a bachelor of Music, Performance Piano. Born in a family with great musical history, she started learning music with her mom, Shirin Baghaee, a Cellist herself, at 6. As a child, she was a student of the well-known Maestro Fariborz Lachini. Some of her other professional instructors are Saman Ehteshami, Chista Gharib, Mostafa Kamal Pourtorab, Tigran Mesroupian, Ehsan Sabouhi, Shaya Asadi, Behrang Shegerfkar.
In 2011 she successfully was granted a scholarship for the Master Classes of the Gyorgy Academy in Hungary.
To name some of Samadi’s performances:
Iran’s National Orchestra, conducted by: Bardia Kiaras conducting.
Performing Piano Duet with Shahrdad Rohani in Tehran and Gorgan cities.
Solist and piano player of Naser CheshmAzar’s concert conducted by Armin Gheytasi in Tehran, Bandar-e-Anzali and Shiraz cities.
Piano soloist of the University of Applied Science & Technology’s orchestra, conducted by: Amin Ghaffari
Playing with various musical groups, ensembles and artists:
Reza Sadeghi
Nima Masiha
Sharghi Ensembles
Simin Ghanem,
Hengame Ghaziani,
Avaye Mehrabani
Chakavak Orchestra
Samadi attended Kuwait’s National Festival along with Iran’s National Orchestra in 2011. Samadi played in 28th Fajr Music Festival with Sharghi Ensemble as the select group.
Yalda Samadi has taught music and professional piano lessons at Tehran’s conservatory, and previously she has taught in renowned musical institutes like Lachini, Arasbaran, Ehteshami Academy & Navaye Shahr Aashoub. Since the Covid-19 pandemic, she has been teaching piano via online classes.